Silk Way XXI century LLC
Hydraulic and mechanical presses
Elastomer presses
Designed for the production of molded parts from elastomers, taking into account the needs of the customer
Presses for composites
It is possible to adapt the press for the production of composite materials to the necessary technical requirements
Presses for plastics and reactoplasts
The modular design on which the production of our presses is based means that individual adjustments to the design of the press can be made taking into account the specific tasks facing the customer
Presses for laboratory applications
Specially designed for use in the laboratory
Presses for powder materials
Specially designed for the manufacture of a wide range of powder materials
Quenching presses
Quenching presses and pressing systems with four guide axes to ensure the highest accuracy of products
Presses for brake pads and clutch discs
It makes it possible to produce custom-made presses for the manufacture of brake pads and clutch pads, as well as to integrate the press into existing technological processes.
Presses for abrasives
It serves as the basis for the development and production of universal cold and hot pressing presses
Presses for plywood, wood and thermal insulation materials
Able to design and manufacture pressing systems for a wide range of materials and production tasks
Cutting/drawing presses BLISS-BRET
Designed for the production of cutting and extraction operations. They are more versatile than mechanical presses
Presses for straightening and straightening BLISS-BRET
Straightening and straightening are operations for straightening metal, workpieces and parts that have dents, bulges, undulations, warping, curvature, etc.
Portal presses for editing BLISS-BRET
Designed to eliminate defects of parts in the cold state: deformation, curvature, bends, curvature of parts and workpieces after improper storage, transportation, after heat treatment, hardening, surfacing, spraying
BLISS-BRET hydraulic stamping presses
They have a number of design features that distinguish them from forging hydraulic presses
Hydroforming is a technology that is several times ahead of traditional pressing in a number of indicators
C-shaped presses
Electromechanical presses are production equipment that converts drive energy into useful work on deformation of the workpiece/part in order to change its dimensional and spatial characteristics
H-shaped presses
Designed for carrying out various operations to change the spatial geometry of products – this is flat or volumetric stamping, stretching, leveling, chasing, cutting, etc. types of cold and hot molding of parts.