Silk Way XXI century LLC
Vacuum equipment
Vacuum furnaces
Designed for heating in vacuum and in a protective gas environment, quenching in a gas and oil environment of parts made of titanium nickel and other heat-resistant alloys
Emulation of outer space
Chambers equipped with high-vacuum pumps and a temperature control system for testing components and assemblies in the vacuum of space
Equipment for optimizing spraying processes
Each system can be supplemented with temperature control and control systems, displacement control and control, planetary mechanism
Ion sputtering
The wide beam from the ion source is directed directly to the substrate. usually in conjunction with magnetron or electron beam sputtering
Electron beam evaporation
Suitable for mass production of small parts, as well as for printing large products
Magnetron sputtering
The collision of high-energy particles contained in the plasma emits atoms from the surface of the target material, which condense on the surface of the substrate creating a film on the substrate
Resistive thermal evaporation
The use of electrical energy to heat the cathode, which in turn heats the sprayed material to the evaporation temperature
Integration of systems with glove boxes
Allows you to connect PVD processes to a controlled environment
Vacuum meters S-VAC
Allows you to automate the process of vacuum equipment operation, pressure measurement and maintenance of converter operation modes
Vacuum control S-VAC CONTROL
The system provides control and management of the vacuum system of any complexity in manual and automatic mode
Vacuum installation S-EBV TEC
Coating on optical surfaces by resistive and electron beam evaporation of dielectrics
Vacuum spraying post S-TEC
It can be used for research in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, as well as for testing individual technologies for vacuum spraying and etching in plasma