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Heat treatment equipment
Vacuum furnaces for heat treatment
They are used for annealing and aging of products made of various materials, such as tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, copper alloys, etc.
Vacuum furnaces with gas quenching
They are used for quenching tools made of high-speed steel, controlled hardening of tool and other types of alloy steel
Two-chamber oil and gas quenching furnace
It is used for vacuum oil hardening of materials such as alloy steel, ultra-high-strength steel, etc.
Vacuum nitriding furnaces
It is most often used for surface hardening of low-carbon and low-alloy steels
Vacuum Cementation furnaces
It is used mainly for products made of low-carbon steels
High vacuum furnaces for sintering and annealing of products
They are used for sintering and annealing products made of various materials and alloys
Vacuum induction melting furnaces for continuous casting
Designed mainly for precision casting of materials and alloys based on iron, nickel and cobalt, heat-resistant and heat-resistant alloys, etc.
Vacuum-hydrogen sintering furnaces
They allow heat treatment of products in a reducing hydrogen environment or in a vacuum
High Temperature Vacuum Induction Furnaces for Sintering
The work is based on the effect of heating products with high-frequency currents in vacuum or inert gas conditions
Low-temperature vacuum furnaces for soldering with low-melting solder
They are used in the production of plate heat exchangers, automobile radiators, radiators of automobile air conditioners, capacitors, radar antennas and waveguides
High temperature vacuum furnaces for soldering with refractory solder
They are used in industries for soldering copper alloys, stainless steels, heat-resistant and heat-resistant alloys
Three-chamber vacuum furnaces for continuous soldering
It is used for soldering aluminum products, for example, aluminum plates of heat exchangers, car radiators, evaporators and condensers for car air conditioners, radar antennas and waveguide tubes
Vacuum furnaces for growing single crystals / Directional crystallization furnaces
They are used in the production of heat-resistant materials with a monocrystalline structure obtained by directional crystallization
Vacuum furnaces for soldering of electro-vacuum devices
They are mainly used for sealing ceramic and glass tubes in the manufacture of vacuum circuit breakers, the production of cathode ray tubes, etc.
Vacuum-arc remelting furnaces
In remelting furnaces, remelting takes place inside the vacuum chamber of the consumable electrode
Electric and gas chamber furnaces
Designed for quenching, annealing, heating before forging, tempering, normalization of metal parts, as well as for firing ceramics and heat treatment of glass products
Electric and gas bell furnaces
Designed for annealing wire and tape, heat treatment of metal structures and ceramic products
Electric and gas furnaces with a retractable hearth
Designed for heat treatment of medium and large parts in single or batch production
Drying chambers (cabinets)
Designed for heat treatment of various materials and parts in single or batch production, used for low-temperature thermal processes
Automatic aluminum quenching unit
Designed for quenching aluminum alloy parts
Furnaces for heat treatment of aluminum
They are used for aging processes, normalization, stress relief, homogenization, annealing, heat treatment of aluminum products with quenching in water, dispersion hardening, soldering.
Electric crucible furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals
Designed for melting aluminum, copper, bronze, zinc and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, as well as their storage in a liquid state
Mine electric furnaces
Designed for heat treatment of long parts in an upright position, as well as for heavy parts, which require a crane to load into the working chamber